Our multi-disciplinary background has allowed us to service clients across all platforms of communication. Depending upon our client’s specific message and audience, we’ve developed solutions in internet, mobile, broadcast television, multi-media, animation, music, and print. And all of the above in a variety of 147 languages.

mobile, tablet, connected devices, responsive web

The internet and mobile have come a long way. This evolution has, in turn, exponentially increased consumer (and customer) expectations. Un-intuitive navigation, myopic functionality and generic design will not accomplish your online objectives, whatever they may be. Successful website interactivity begins with an intimate customer relationship. Why are they coming to your site? What are their expectations? How can you make their experience of your website consistent with their overall perception of your brand? Can you take this opportunity to improve their perception?

broadcast, motion graphics

Maintaining a consistent voice across different media becomes especially important in broadcast, where talent and music lend their own very definite impression. From concept and copy through to production and media buying, we make sure that your message stays coherent and believable with your audience. And that your broadcast investment is based on research defining that audience.


From multilingual 3D animations with original music scores to animated interactive multi-touch interfaces, we can create for your company or product an engaging customer experience that talks to them in any language.


Original fresh scores in all styles of music for your broadcast tv commercial, interactive multimedia, tradeshow/corporate presentation, website, kiosk, or game. Our music editor has 20 plus years experience in music production and editing. We also have access and right of use to the same music libraries as the major Motion Picture Studios and Broadcast Networks, but at a fraction of the cost. Music makes the emotional and lasting difference.


In this age of electronic information and crafted TV soundbites, there’s something reassuring about a message that appears in literal, and not virtual, form. Color, form, texture, typography and imagery come together in a dimensional piece that conveys your brand on a very visceral level. It could be as simple as the confidence of a magazine or newspaper ad made mostly of white space, a compelling image, one line of copy and the company’s logo. Or the seduction of a direct mail piece crafted of handmade paper with semi-transparent vellum overlays, revealing sumptuous typography and images. Small, thoughtful decisions made when designing for print are potent tools for dominating a cluttered marketing environment.


Your audience today is more diverse than ever. From text translation to voiceover talent, and cultural traditions to acceptances of graphics and color, we understand how to make your next project reach everyone in your market in any language anywhere.