our story

Founded 1993 in Providence, RI, at the time when NCSA Mosaic (Netscape Navigator), the worlds first web browser was developed, and the concept of having a website on the world wide web was considered radical.

Our early experience was appreciated by the regional companies who wanted to take advantage of this new thing called the world wide web. We worked with Roger Williams College, AFC Cable Systems, Bugaboo Creek Restaurant, Rhode Island Monthly, Coffee Kids, Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation, local ISPs, Ad Agencies, TV and Radio Stations to bring their presence online for the first time.

Our multi-disciplinary background has allowed us to service clients across all platforms of communication worldwide. Depending upon our client’s specific message and audience, we’ve developed solutions for web, mobile, interactive multi-media, animation, broadcast television, live theater, electronic signage, music and print. And all of the above in a variety of 147 languages.